Our Why

About Us

Founded in 2019, Bare Necessities was created in order to offer an alternative solution to the increasing issue of sustainability and most importantly the fight against fast fashion.

Our mission is to source our forward-thinking customers with the highest quality of used clothing at the lowest possible price. Slow fashion shouldn't break the bank, and only when second-hand fashion becomes more affordable will there be a larger shift and change of attitudes towards the used clothing industry!

Let's make fashion slower and more affordable.

Our Process


All items are washed, steamed and pressed in order to provide the highest cleanliness so that all items are ready to wear.


Each item then undergoes data entry, photographing and uploading before it appears on our website or instore for your viewing pleasure!


Once an item sells, we dispatch it the same/next working day. This is the stage where all our pre-loved garments will move onto their new homes.


Our commitment

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